Sara Dreier Moya ’67

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Arizona State University faculty associate

Paradise Valley, Arizona, vice mayor and council member Emergency Food and Shelter Program of FEMA, Arizona, chair

Married to Robert Moya for 50 years; mother of two, grandmother of two

“A 50th Reunion is momentous. It presents the opportunity to reflect upon one’s life to date, to consider one’s goals going forward, and to contemplate methods of achieving those goals. I am pleased with the way Wheaton prepared me for my life, with its exciting challenges, surprises and rewards. As a professor myself, I see many of the challenges faced by colleges and universities. I am interested in ensuring that Wheaton is able to address those challenges creatively and effectively, and in a way that facilitates the achievement of its goals. All my life, I have believed that it is important to give back so others may benefit. So I support Wheaton financially in two ways. First, I make yearly contributions to the Wheaton Fund to help with current operating needs. Second, I have included Wheaton in my will to make a more substantial contribution to the college’s future. Including Wheaton in my will allows me the flexibility of increasing the amount I give according to changes in my lifestyle and financial situation. I want to recognize and express gratitude for the role Wheaton has played in my life, and I want to ensure that others have access to the same types of benefits that I enjoy through my long-term association with the college.”