Donor Stories

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Donor Stories

Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

Read their stories below:


Candace Davis Sanford ’70

Coming from a small private secondary school for girls, I found Wheaton to be a perfect fit for me.

Irene Castelot Bradford ’79

Leadership coach and writer

[charity_name] Donor Alison Grant Small

Alison Grant Small ’66

Retired. Class agent for 15 years, Wheaton Board of Trustees member since 2006

Annsley Chapman Strong ’69

Co-founder and consultant, Strong Studio Designs

[charity_name] Donor Nancy Fifield McConnell

Nancy Fifield McConnell ’68

Fund development consultant for nonprofit organizations

[charity_name] Donor Jeffrey Banks

Jeffrey Banks ’94

High school mathematics and special education teacher, Boston Public Schools

[charity_name] Donor Beverly

Beverly "Bev" Decker Reed ’64

Retired vice president of resource development for Pathfinder International

[charity_name] Donor Christie Wyman

Christie Wyman ’87

Kindergarten teacher; married 17 years

[charity_name] Donor Christina Toro

Christina “Chris” Toro ’89

Associate director, Office of Leadership Giving, MIT

[charity_name] Donor Cornelia Lee Clifford Wareham

Cornelia Lee Clifford Wareham ’74

Learning specialist, the Chapin School, New York

[charity_name] Donor Demetra Pulos

Demetra Pulos ’74, P’08

Paralegal; mother of Corinna McFarland ’08 (in photo) and son Kevan McFarland

[charity_name] Donor Elena Drake Vandervoort

Elena Drake Vandervoort ’67

2006 Bath (Maine) Citizen of the Year

[charity_name] Donor Linda Berry Trimble

Linda Berry Trimble ’58

Retired nursery school treasurer

[charity_name] Donor Lorna Brookes Russell

Lorna Brookes Russell ’64

Organist at St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church (Maine); retired French teacher

[charity_name] Donor Margit Bliss Orange

Margit Bliss Orange ’57

Retired testing specialist

[charity_name] Donor Sally Willis Bancroft

Sally Willis Bancroft ’66

Retired from nonprofit management

Ann Forsberg Conner ’56

“Women's and men's education, particularly in the liberal arts, is becoming more and more critical in today's world because it broadens our perspective and depth of thinking."

Diane Leshefsky Troderman ’63

“At my 50th Reunion, when I received an honorary doctorate, I told the graduates that taking the time to think about one’s legacy is a wake-up call to examine how one lives."

Melissa McNerney Babcock ’84

"Wheaton made a tremendous impact on my life. The environment was comfortable and supportive, yet challenging. The staff and professors encouraged me to grow, and helped me become the person I am today."

Sara Dreier Moya ’67

"A 50th Reunion is momentous. It presents the opportunity to reflect upon one’s life to date, to consider one’s goals going forward, and to contemplate methods of achieving those goals."

Debra Kent Glidden ’68

I set up a scholarship fund in my grandmother’s memory for students studying music and made other donations for projects meaningful to me and to the college.